Saturday, 25 November 2017

Ten Tweets

 Oct 24, 2017

Nobody can convert me into any other religion.
Because I do not have any religion. I have a brain, i have common sense, i have civic sense.


 Oct 15, 2017

Elections r against God. means God does not exist so v should control d world. (I don't believe in God, but they/election-dependent do!)


 Oct 10, 2017

Between the war of IMAGES, certainly the Image wil win, Human will lose, again.


 Oct 6, 2017

People usually attend award-ceremonies if there are some dance/item songs. Nowadays the same is going on throughout the country.


 Sep 25, 2017



 Sep 25, 2017

FIND THE ODD ONE OUT- celebrities puppets intellectuals icons party-workers anchors editors news-readers idols  scarecrow sycophants MAFIA


 Sep 6, 2017

I never want to die on such occasions when the benefits of my death will be favorable for many crafty politicses.


 Aug 26, 2017

If one can't forget god then he/she must forget 2 remove mediators/messengers/dalals. Every celebrity/idol/tycoon/boss maintain their staff.


 Jul 29, 2017

Whenever a woman intends to be in defense of Dharma/religion, it feels like Supararnakhan is  sharpening the edges of Laxman's knife.


-Sanjay Grover

Wednesday, 14 June 2017


The cloth was reversible, looking like Blue Denim and the inner side was gray. My father was a wholesale cloth merchant. He used to inform us whenever  fancy cloths were available within the shop. 'Why should not I design it myself', seeing the cloth the thought came to my mind. There was only one showroom for readymade garments in the town, which used to make us greedy by showing its stylish and colourful garments. We were almost lower-middle-class people(still.I am the same), so it was not possible for us  to buy expensive things daily or monthly. When I illustrated my design before tailor, he was not ready to stitch, and mocked also at me. According to my idea, shirt must be gray and will have design of blue on it and the pants/jeans would be vice versa.  I persisted continuously and he was convinced finally. In this way I opened my innings. Before this I used to get my school-bags and sweaters (designed by me) stitched/woven by my mother or sisters.

One day I was in a tailor's shop for getting repaired my canvas jeans’ zip. After repair I asked how much money I had to pay? He told with a miny smile that money did not matter but your heavy jeans destroyed two of my needles, give me two rupees only. By saying so he touched my heart. It was beginning of a friendship. In the beginning I convinced my   friends-relatives-acquaintances somehow and decorated my designs on their bodies. I remember I created some stylish Khadi(kind of an Indian cotton) shirts within 50 rs of budget(including stitching charges). Naturally, whenever any third person would praise the style/design, the shirt-owner returned to me for a new design.

Then I started to illustrate these designs in a diary. Also created a new name for myself - KG Sanjay. Mostly I used to create one design for one particular person. Sometimes people selected one from readymade designs.The same designs are now safe in this diary. Most of designs are created in 1984-85. Pages of the lined diary (I got as a gift with my first bicycles in 1979) got yellow and blury, Actually At that time I could not know exactly what to do with diary and designs thereafter! In fact even I did not know that  Fashion designing is a profession or there are some courses for it. NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology) had been established later.

Thankfully I got an app like SuperPhoto-Free which made these pictures quite clear, attractive and impressive. Originally these designs had been created for Gents' shirts and jackets, but these can be used  easily in place of each other. As far as I am concerned, can create a few new designs from these and can also beautifully convert  these into T-shirts or Ladies Garments. Few of these designs I made with old and useless clothes like design no. 118 had been made of two waste pants and an old jacket. You too can try this if you are creative and imaginative somewhere inside. In inverted (white in black), there are many designs where you can try painting, screen printing, patchwork, embroidery etc. The original sketch is also there with each design.

See you again with a new attempt. Of course, there will be a new job and most probably this will be for women's clothings. It will take some time but hopefully something new and different will come out.

The first part of the old and yellow diary is in your hands now-

-Sanjay Grover


(To be continued & corrected)

Saturday, 11 March 2017

An Ultra-Short Detective Novel

Dead Body suddenly vanished!
©Sanjay Grover

Because it never existed.

-Sanjay Grover

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