Tuesday, 19 August 2014

My Fashion

     Started Fashion-designing without knowing cutting-tailoring in 1984 when people, including me, hardly knew fashion designing as an art or a career (in India's references), Convinced folk and friends to wear clothes designed by me. Later they and others, themselves used to come to me for designing ideas for their cloths.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

The real awakening

The people who are anti-atheists despite believing in god, are in fact  anti-god. For how can you be an atheist without the will of that god, without the will of whom nothing is possible (as believed) !?  If it is god,s will that atheist be there, why then you wish them to be non-existent ? It's kind of interfering in god's work. Do you regard yourself greater than god that you are finding fault in his decisions ? Aren't you disclosing your own ego !
And suppose atheists are on this earth without god’s will then it is clear that all is not under the control of god. Thus god possesses as much power as presidents of China or America do. So are you ready to consider  US/China’s president as god ?  Even children know that all presidents are human-beings.
What to do of such a god who is not able to control even an earth !?
--Sanjay Grover
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Monday, 10 February 2014

Atheism is Innate

|| नास्ति दतम् नास्ति हूतम् नास्ति परलोकम् || 

(Tagline of NastikoN Ka Blog’* ie ‘Blog of Atheists’ and possibly an excerpt from some Hindu Old Book.)

This is the first time I am reading this line (Dunno what does it mean..). When I got an atheist I had not even heard of Charwak or Marx. India has any such or other tradition; I have had not the slightest slat of it. And there is any Marxist party, this too I came to know much later. But yes, this thinking of mine has got an impetus through the (Hindi) magazines like Sarita, Mukta and thereafter Hans. I am of the opinion that atheism is innate, inherent; it is something natural. Every child is atheist when it is born. He is familiarized with religion, God and theism after his arrival in this world through some people of this world.  Imagine that there is a place somewhere on this earth where there is no God at all. Nobody has even heard of God at that place. Since they don’t know themselves about God ; parents, kins, neighbors, society are not able to give any information about god to the growing children there. Stories and books have no mention at all of God. Is there any possibility of the existence or birth of God there?

Secondly, does atheism need any tradition? To my sense whereas it makes sense to me… where there is reason, logic, discretion, thought, originality and science, atheism will be there some or the other way whether there is any tradition or not. Atheism is itself a thought against tradition. It is a blend of progressivism, reasoning/ rationality/gumption, science and humanity. I don’t think if tradition gets destroyed, atheism will also. Might be that there had been more atheists with tradition remaining there but such atheists would have been conservative and fanatic. As we see that people becoming atheists after coming into contact with political parties start, behaving like fundamentalists as a result of reaction to a particular incident. They feel that since we are behaving in such a way as an opposition to fundamentalism, this is not fundamentalism but is our ‘Ideological commitment’.

My friend-folk believes that atheism is anyhow alive by dragging itself.  I think all this they conclude on the basis of the number of atheists and materialistic/worldly successes/achievements. These are the very people who call themselves spiritualists! If strength of number and material success is a standard to judge this then humanity has also become a thing of the past and it too must be buried deep.
And in case you are with theism because of those so-called successes/achievements, then it makes one other sense that you are more for theism because it serves your ends and less for what it really is and how much right and wrong it is. If this is your way of seeing things then it is very much possible that if in future you see materialistic benefits in atheism, you’ll put your hands around its waist in a friendly manner. If atheism is going on draggingly and is irrelevant due to this, then my dear, all revolutions and  freedom movements also drag some or the other time. Why to get so scared or look down upon it??? The movements of dalits/downtrodden/black and women had also been dragging since hundreds of years if you remember.  Today these seem to reach at least some positive/logical direction/end.

-Sanjay Grover

(originally written in Hindi around april 24 2010 ; first posted on  NastikoN Ka Blog* then on SamvadGhar)

(Translated by Anjana Grover) 

Friday, 31 January 2014

I am not responsible if..

...it sounds a movie review.


There is one girl. There are some hooligans. They have nice, large, big cars. They want to take away (kidnap) the girl in the same cars. The girl does not want. Jai (Salman Khan) is the hero of the film. He does not hit them as hard as they are normally hit in the climax of Hindi movies but hit them not any less either.

Jai is full of energy. He does not only hit people jumping high but also only after 2 minutes starts dancing loudly, singing a song on corruption. Listening to this song will make you recall an old song. Here are the links of both the tracks:

In the meantime one finds out that in this film Tabu is Salman's sister. Earlier too there used to be one Tabu. She has been a very talented actress.I do not know if she is the same or someone else. Face is eaxcaly the same.

Daisy Shah is a rather new actress. Well, sometimes old ones also act a la new actors. Daisy is fairly good healthwise. She dances some seismic steps wearing a long skirt with her gumboots on.

Here song ends, there Jai helps a disabled girl. Jai helps a lot of people palinly almost four - five. He keeps on doing the same.
One plus point of the film is that the name of Jai’s nephew is Kabir.

If I have to pick plus points in a film, I do it anyhow.

Thanks to traffic jams no one is able to reach to help that disabled girl second time. The girl commits suicide. And traffic is jammed because a minister's daughter has to pass through that route.

Then the issues of politicians, police et cetera get started in the film.

The film is probably getting serious now.
Wait, let me tell you exactly.

Jai is a Common Man From A Well-to-do Family. He has loads of simple clothes of bright and gaudy colors. Agreed, one can get such clothes on the sidewalk also but he has got 4-5 bikes also. Once he even kills a man throwing one of these bikes at him.

The film also teaches a lesson that it is not necessary to be a Krish or Superman for that matter, to hit and kill the people jumping and skipping and leaping high in the air. For this, one only has to be a man of slightly flexible character so that one can make his/her visuals as desired. And many people can watch the news channels for the purpose.

Since Jay is often required to help many people, so many times he has to thrash people as well.

Halfway through all the characters in the movie suddenly start calling Jai, Jai Agnihotri. You can take it as some experiment or the exposure of some great suspense.

However, there is (too) much in the film. Tradition too. Women cook in the kitchen and men of the family discuss politics on the dining table or wait for food to arrive to them.The film is also about a progressive take on love. Let alone Jai’s nephew Kabir delivering quite a few progressive dialogues on Jai and Rinky’s love (Kabir’s neighbour), female lead Rinkey (Daisy Shah) also tries to help Jai during a fight but it can not succeed due to some inexplicable reasons.

There are many people in the film who are very good, while many of them are very bad.
Since Jai is good of them all, he kills all those bad people alone. Those 5-10 people who are not killed by him you can take them dying their natural death.

I am not saying at all that the movie is funny. In this way, I would call a lot of movies funny and weird. Whatever scope there was for acting for everone in the film all have tried.

The guy playing Kabir is seriously articulate and has potential; new actor Daisy Shah is also okay. Audiences may also find music and lyrics melodious.

Nowadays films earn all the moolah on the 1st day of their release. So what difference does it makes whether one goes or not to watch it later.

-Sanjay Grover

(Translated by  Anjana  Grover)

Cast, Cry, Crow, Crew etc...

Director : Sohail Khan, Producer : Sunil Lulla, Sohail Khan
Artists : Salman Khan, Tabu, Daisy Shah, Sana Khan,  Santosh Shukla ,  Danny Danzongpa, Yash Tonk, Ashmit Patel, Vatsal Sheth
Music : Amal Malik, Sajid-Wajid, Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics : Danish Sabri, Sameer, Kausar Munir,  Sajid, Armaan Malik, Irfan Kamal, Shabbir Ahmad,  Devi Sri Prasad
Camera : Fazal Khan, Afzal Khan
Stunt : Peter Hein
Cinematographer : Barun Mukherjee

(Do not take the critique seriously....not lightly either.)
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